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You know that good oral health is integral to good overall health, but getting to your dental appt can be the biggest hurdle to receiving dental treatment. It can be the smell, bright lights, sound of drills and so much more. Don’t feel alone on this - as many as 1 in 3 people experience dental anxiety.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is defined as fear, nervousness or stress associated with the dental setting. Severity of dental anxiety varies person to person. It can present itself anywhere from slight uneasiness when dental professionals work in your “personal space” to panic-stricken at the thought of going to the dentist. The more you understand the root cause of your dental anxiety, the better dental professionals can help make you more comfortable.

Downsides to delaying your visit to the dentist..

Often dental anxiety results in delaying dental treatment until their mild concerns become severe. When this happens it has the potential to cause a cascade effect and require more invasive dental treatment. Routine dental visits and good oral health can help you avoid many “would-be scarier” procedures.

Poor oral health is linked to many major health conditions such as:

  • Heart disease

  • Respiratory disease

  • Diabetes

  • Premature babies

  • Babies with low birth weight

Here are some helpful tips to ease your experience at your dental appt.

Your dental professionals are here to help you work through your dental anxiety.

  1. Find an office that your trust and addresses your concerns

  2. Establish a stop signal to use if you are feeling overwhelmed at your dental appointment

  3. Bring your headphones to listen to your favourite music, audio book or podcast for distraction during dental treatment

  4. Watch some Netflix while under a cozy blanket - we have both!

  5. Don’t be a martyr when pain is concerned. It is the dental professional’s responsibility to provide pain-free care

  6. Ask questions. No question is a bad question!

  7. Take breaks - there is no need to rush

  8. Request sedation

  9. Bring a friend! Moral support by your side can be very comforting

  10. Be sure to book your next dental appointment before you leave to ensure accountability

At Glenmore Dental, we are here to help you reach optimal oral health while making it a comfortable and stress-free experience for you. We have state of the art equipment and a calm knowledgeable staff that are here for you. We also offer oral sedation, IV sedation, laughing gas and freezing for your dental treatments. Don’t hesitate to call us at (250) 808 - 8400 to book your next dental appointment!

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