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Use It or Lose It!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

It’s that time of the year again, and we would like to help you beat the end of the year rush! We see it every year when November and December are BUSY with patients trying to have their work completed before the end of the year to maximize their insurance benefits.

Many dental insurance plans have a yearly maximum. This is the most your dental plan will pay out for your dental work in a calendar year. Unfortunately, unused amounts do not roll over into the next year. We recommend you check your plan with your dental insurance provider to understand the details of your plan’s limits and maximums.

Book your dental appointment before the end of the year is over!

Booking your dental appointment before the end of the year can save you money and help you maintain excellent oral hygiene. It ensures you’re using the benefits you’re paying for with your dental coverage plan. If you haven’t hit your annual maximum, book your appointment at Glenmore Dental today to secure your spot before the year is over.

  • We direct bill to insurance

  • We are ALWAYS accepting new patients & families!

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