IV Sedation


IV sedation is subconscious sedation administered intravenously through a vein. We have a Registered Nurse that monitors our patient’s vitals throughout the appointment. You will be able to talk and speak to us, but you typically will not remember your appointment. Most of the time IV Sedation is used for removing all 4 wisdom teeth in one appointment, as well as other work if you have some anxiety about dental treatment. We always require a Consultation to explain the process and review your health history first.

Nitrous Sedation


Also known as laughing gas, is a safe and easy way to help children or adults who are anxious in the dental chair. A soft nose piece is placed over the patient's nose as they breathe in and out. After a few minutes, you will feel at ease, as it helps relax your body. The nose piece stays on through the appointment as we do our treatment. After we are done, the patient breathes in oxygen through the nose piece for about 5 minutes, and they leave feeling completely normal.